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本文摘要:Apple introduced a new iPad today at its education event in Chicago.在芝加哥的教育主题发布会上,苹果讲解了一款新的iPad。

Apple introduced a new iPad today at its education event in Chicago.在芝加哥的教育主题发布会上,苹果讲解了一款新的iPad。Rumors of a new, cheaper iPad emerged recently, and Apple is making it official with a refreshed 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support.如传闻所言,更为低廉的iPad最近登场了,苹果公司月发售一款9.7英寸的iPad,反对Apple Pencil。

The updated iPad will be available in Apple stores today, in silver, space gray, and a new gold finish.新款的iPad将于今日(3月27日)在苹果专卖店发售,有银色、深空灰色和金色三种颜色。The tablet will include Touch ID, an HD FaceTime camera, 10 hours of battery life, an 8-megapixel rear camera, LTE option, and Apple’s A10 Fusion chip.这款平板电脑将配备Touch ID、高清FaceTime摄像头、10小时的电池续航时间、800万像素的后置摄像头、LTE选项,以及苹果的A10 Fusion芯片。Apple demonstrated Smart Annotation, which allows teachers to mark up reports in Pages directly, and the company promised new versions of its iWork apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote that support the Apple Pencil.苹果公司展出了智能注解功能,这种功能让教师可以必要在页面上做到报告,公司还允诺获取新版本的iWork应用程序,比如Pages、Numbers和反对Apple Pencil的Keynote。

Teachers will also be able to use Macs to create digital books for their classrooms, and Apple is building a books creator into the Pages app.教师们还可以用于mac电脑为他们的教室创立电子图书,苹果公司也正在为这款Pages应用于程序开发电子书软件。Apple is also introducing Schoolwork, a service for teachers to assign students work.苹果还讲解了学校作业,这是一项可为教师分配学生工作的服务。Apple is offering the new iPad to schools priced at $299 and to consumers for $329.苹果发售的新款iPad对学校的售价为299美元,对消费者的售价为329美元。

This is obviously not the $259 budget iPad pricing that was rumored, but it does make it a little more affordable to students and teachers.这似乎不是传闻所说的259美元的iPad定价,但它显然让学生和老师更加能负担得起。Apples iPads and Mac laptops reigned supreme in US classrooms only five years ago, accounting for half of all mobile devices shipped to schools in 2013.仅有在5年前,苹果的ipad和Mac笔记本电脑在美国课堂上占有主导地位,占到2013年所有移动设备出货量的一半。Apple has now slipped behind both Google and Microsoft in US schools, and Chromebooks are dominating classrooms with nearly 60 percent of shipments in the US.如今,苹果在美国商学院的地位早已领先于谷歌和微软公司,chromebook在美国占有了近60%的市场份额。This new iPad will be a key addition to Apples lineup as it seeks to fight back against Googles Chromebooks.这款新的iPad将是苹果产品线的一个最重要补足,因为它正试图反攻谷歌的chromebook。

Google is also starting to introduce Chrome OS tablets, so a $299 iPad could soon come under even greater pressure in classrooms.谷歌也开始发售Chrome OS平板电脑,因此对学校售价299美元的iPad可能会面对更大的压力。Apples vice president of product marketing, Greg Joswiak, revealed there are 200,000 apps made for education and that Apples most popular iPad is the 9.7-inch model.苹果公司负责管理产品营销的副总裁Greg Joswiak透漏,有20万款应用程序用作教育,而苹果最热门的iPad是9.7英寸的。It will still be sold separately with this new iPad, but it now works on this cheaper (for students) model.这款新的iPad仍将分开发售,但现在它的价格更加低廉(对学生而言)。

Alongside the education-focused features, Apple also highlighted some augmented reality apps for the updated iPad, including a Froggipedia app that lets students virtually dissect frogs using an Apple Pencil.除了专心于教育的功能之外,苹果还为新的iPad引人注目了一些强化实用性应用程序,还包括一款Froggipedia应用于,让学生们可以用Apple Pencil解剖学青蛙。Apple originally introduced its Pencil stylus nearly two years ago, but it only worked on the more expensive iPad Pro model and it was sold separately at $99.苹果公司在近两年前发售了它的Pencil手写笔,但它只在较便宜的iPad Pro型号上用于,而且售价为99美元。

Apple is attempting to capitalize on these stats with its new iPad that supports the Apple Pencil.苹果公司正试图利用这些数据来反对Apple Pencil。Speaking of the Apple Pencil, the stylus wont ship with the iPad, but there will be third-party options.说道到苹果的Apple Pencil,手写笔会和iPad一起出售,但不会有第三方的自由选择。